Alfastreet Gaming and KGM to Become Partners

The much awaited partnership between leading casino provider KGM and electronic multiplayer gaming instruments provider, Alfastreet Gaming, was announced on October 27, 2014. Both companies, known for their supreme standards and adherence to quality, are excited about the new partnership. Alfastreet’s Sales Director, Albert Radman, said that the company is looking forward to new opportunities that will arise from the partnership, and with excellent cooperation from KGM, the venture will be highly successful. The agreement is expected to pave way for Alfastreet into the gaming markets of US.

More on the partnership


The partnership was made official at the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, when Alfastreet and KGM were displaying their latest offerings. Through the agreement, KGM will now be the sole distributor of electronic gaming equipment’s created by Alfastreet. Both the companies are extremely committed to the agreement and excited to begin the new venture. Their unified efforts aim to bring in customizable gaming equipment’s to the US gaming market.

Jason Cohen, KGM’s EVP, said that the important pieces to his ever growing company are electronic table gaming options, and the partnership with Alfastreet was established because of their excellent standards and the ability to look ahead. Further, he said that the agreement is certain to improve the gaming industry to a great extent. Currently, the partnership will open up games like baccarat, craps, poker, blackjack, and sic-bo.

Roulette at Alfastreet

Arguably the most favorite casino game at Alfastreet, roulette has been provided by the company for over 10 years. Their roulette equipment’s are known for their reliability, randomness, and accuracy— elements that are responsible for their GL Certification. In fact, Alfastreet is known as the “highest authority” for the manufacture of automated roulette equipment. Players have the option of taking up a double or single zero game, and jackpot options are available too. Plus, there are the multigame and multiwheel options to choose from coupled with exciting prizes.

The main benefits of using Alfastreer equipment’s are that their games are user friendly, fast, convenient, customizable, and provide opportunities for interaction among players.