Casino Vocabulary

casino_vocabAdd-On: refers to when players buy additional chips after a tournament has started.

Arm: In a game of craps is a player who has sequentially has good outcomes when throwing the dice.

Banker: refers to the dealer of the game.

Blind Bet: when a bet is made without the player viewing their cards beforehand.

Blinds: used in Hold’em Poker is a forced bet.

Break-Even Point: the point of the game in which the player would gain everything that they lost.

Buck: a wager of $100.

Buy- in: when cash is exchanged for playing chips.

Bug: joker card.

Bump: to raise a bet.

Burn Cards: cards that are not used in the game which are removed from the top of the deck after shuffling.

Camouflage: player disguises how well they can play. They may act drunk or mimic typical gamblers.

Card Counting: the player mentally records the cards that are already in play and calculates the probability of the other remaining cards the dealer possesses.

Coat-tail: when a player bets the same amount as the current winner at the table.

Flat Bet: the same wager is placed for every wager.

Fish: when a player losses money.

George: a good tipper to the dealers.

Hit: to ask to be given another card in blackjack.

Loose: slot machines that give an enormous payout.

Marker: a player who has established credit at the casino and can give a check at the table.

Mechanic: refers to a dealer who cheats.

On Tilt: an unlucky hand leads to the player to play wildly without thought.

Pigeon: an uneducated, inexperienced player.

Push: a tie between the player and the dealer in which neither wins.

Royal Flush: an ace high, king, queen, joker, ten, in the same suit. Also known as the best hand in poker.

Showdown: the last round in which the players must show their cards.

Underlay: a horrible wager.

Whale: a player who makes humongous wagers, typically in the thousands.

Wild Royal Flush: a royal flush containing a wild card.


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