Chinese Players Caught in Roulette Scheme

Two people of Chinese origin were arrested at a local court house in Hamilton because of offenses related to roulette. It is reported that the two individuals were responsible for scamming people who played the game by teaming up with a roulette dealer.

roulette wheelThe dealer in question was also charged with casino fraud and other crimes. He has been sentenced to serve less than a year in jail. He also received a hefty fine. It is still unclear what charges will be brought against the two other people involved in this crime. Zhou Zhao and Xio Dong Lu are awaiting the decision of local prosecutors.

It is alleged that the three people teamed up to scam individuals out of more than $5,000 at a time. By allowing the players to make their bets a few seconds AFTER the roulette ball had landed on the winning number, the dealer was rigging every single game they played. This not only cost other roulette players a potential win, but robbed the casino of money by eliminating their house edge.

The prosecutors discovered that the dealer had a long relationship with these two people. He met them over three years ago and they came up with the plan together. He was already a dealer at the casino at that time. His “friends” would come by at the casino, play a few other games, and then head towards the roulette wheel. This is where they would place thousand dollar or more bets on every play. By spreading their bets and including a few incorrect bets, they made sure no one was suspicious of their success.

It took a couple of years for the casino’s investigation team to realize there were flaws in that rapid roulette game they were running. This resulted in an in depth police investigation, which lead to the three arrests and convictions.