First Online Roulette Offering from Casino de Spa

Online Casino operators Caino777 in partnership with Casino de Spa have hosted their roulette offering from Spa which is a first for this Belgian town famous for its thermal baths. The Belgian firm Casino de Spa is a land casino which has its roots in Spa will offer online roulette to local residents. Every Saturday night between 6 PM to midnight, roulette players can play roulette from the comfort of their homes while enjoying casino like atmosphere. Players can place their bets on Casino 777’s by working through Casino de Spa which has professional croupiers to assist players in making their bets.

Roulette and Casino de Spa

Casino de SpaCasino de Spa is among the oldest casinos in the world and has been keeping itself updated with latest technology and has been offering table games since 2013 which are growing in popularity. Roulette will be hosted from its casino in Spa and players logging in from their homes will become active participants in a live game which has been made possible due to deal between Casino777 and Casino de Spa. The offer of roulette as an online card game has been made for the first time in online casino history which makes it more unique and interesting for players.

About Casino de Spa

The Casino de Spa was established in 1763 and since it is still running it has been declared the oldest casino in the world. It had an A+ license to offer online casino roulette games in Belgium since 2011 but only now it has been able to launch the online offering in partnership as and has slowly begun to gain a strong reputation in the local market. . The online gaming market in Belgium is now offering players a wide choice of games like slot machines, mobile games, table games and also life dealers.