Julianne Moore, Kristen Stewart Play Roulette at Chanel Show

Guests of fashion giant Chanel were walked to their places in a massive newly renovated casino inside the Grand Palais in Paris. The casino was complete with fresh roulette tables and totally operational gambling machinery which was nothing short of breathtaking as one Chinese fashion reveler discovered in just minutes.

Julianne Moore_Kristen StewartAs beautiful and as grand as the casino was, it was when American actress Kristen Stewart and a diamond studded Julianne Moore made their appearance in an archway entrance that the real fireworks began. Both ladies were beautiful spectacles in noticeably Chanel fashion as they were taken to their seats at a circular roulette table that was positively overflowing with celebrities. Included at the table was pop singer Rita Ora.

This table was in the exact center of the catwalk and afforded everyone attending the soiree a bird’s eye view of the rich and famous as well as the models. The two actresses remained here for the duration of the show, hugging, talking and laughing the entire time.

Other famous game players betting roulette and poker alike included singer Rita Ora, singer Vanessa Paradis and lovely fashion model Lara Stone. All of these ladies were on hand for the sole purpose of showing off the best of Chanel’s newest jewelry line while the attendees enjoyed the best roulette tables imaginable.

The mastermind behind this highly glamorous event was Karl Lagerfeld. Lagerfeld is notorious for staging lavish fashion walks. His venue of choice? The Grand Palais in Paris, of course!

Models wearing the new line of Chanel fashion made their way through the crowds at the roulette tables and gaming areas. Rest assured that the roulette tables did not slow down from the start to the finish of the event.