Live Roulette Gaming Comes To The Mobile Phone

Live Roulette

Live Roulette

Ever since smart phones and tablets have gained in popularity, online casinos have decided to bring a mobile app that allows people to gamble as well. Another trend is live dealer gaming where people are actually face-to-face with the dealer, except from the comfort of their own home.

Smart Gaming Group has recently announced that they will be launching the first ever live roulette game for the mobile phone. The app will be available for Apple and Android devices.

The presenters for the game are based in a London studio and broadcast live via sky Channel 863.

Several weeks prior to announcing the launch of the mobile version, they launched a social Facebook game for Roulette. They have left no stone unturned in terms of being able to enhance the gaming experience to customers.

Live Roulette is a free download where players can choose to play the game of roulette for free or they can play with real money. In areas where online gambling is illegal, players may not be able to make wagers, but they can still take advantage of what it’s like to play with a live dealer in a mobile format. There are three different live roulette games that are played, allowing gamblers to determine how they want to play and what kinds of bets they want to make.

When a player determines that they want to play with real money, they are brought to an area where they register for an account, complete the form and deposit funds. Anyone who is currently an account holder with Smart Live Casino will be able to simply login from the app.

Some of the newest roulette games around casinos are air powered and do not require any kind of dealer at all. For those looking to have a more social experience when it comes to playing roulette but cannot sit at a roulette table – or cannot find a casino that has roulette, live Roulette gaming is simply the best option.

As soon as people download the app, they will have access to the live Roulette games that are available 24/7. This takes online and mobile gaming to an all new level – and it won’t be surprising to find other live dealer games showing up on the mobile phone.

Since the company allows the game to be played with or without real money, it is likely that the game will continue to gain popularity – especially since they have already introduced themselves with the Facebook crowd.