Mark Wahlberg Loses $45,000 in Single Bet On Roulette Board

Mark_WahlbergRecently while traveling in Asia in preparation for his upcoming role as a drug addicted gambler in a film aptly entitled ‘The Gambler’, actor Mark Wahlberg found himself in a casino in Macau, perhaps the ultimate gambling destination for those serious about casino games. While at the casino he dabbled in several different types of games. As he discussed in the American late night talk show ‘The Tonight Show’ the actor told the host, Jimmy Fallon, about his gaming exploits.

He reported that he had made quite a bit of money at the blackjack table when he struck the highly sought after blackjack three times over the course of the night. While luck was with him at the blackjack tables, it did not seem to follow him to his roulette bet. He reported what he did with his winnings, saying: “Like my character in the movie, I took every chip off the table and walked right over to the roulette wheel, put it all on black … and lost everything.”

While this anecdote is certainly cringe worthy for fans and for the general public – most of whom can’t even imagine having that much money in their hands let alone betting it all away on roulette, the situation has raised some questions about problem gambling within elite communities. Some believe that those with more money to spend and in such a high pressure work environment are more prone to falling into the trap of gambling debt and addiction. Others believe that the method acting tactics are leaving their actors dangerously at risk for developing true addictions and gambling problems that their characters are facing. Still others are simply brushing it off as a funny story and nothing more. One thing is for certain, though – Mr. Wahlberg should certainly be well prepared for his portrayal in ‘The Gambler.’