Roulette Wheel Fixed by Casino Croupiers for a 23,000 Steal

A casino croupiers’ gang managed to fix a casino roulette when (Ocean’s Eleven style), and stole several thousand pounds, reported a court. Daniel Johnson, 29 and Craig Walker, 26, casino workers, made use of some secret signal for tipping off their subordinate Kevin Traynor, in an offer to increase his stakes. The residents of Blackpool used this scam to cash in 23,000 pounds from the Coral Island Casino, Lancashire.

The ‘Ho Spin’ on the wheel

Coral Island CasinoThe casino managers became doubtful about Traynor’s Winnings and how they were not in sync with his bets. They checked the CCTV and unveiled the ruse. Preston Crown Court got the news that Johnson and Walker were working at the casino on a hushed shift. This is when they found that they could possibly perform a ‘ho spin’, fixing the wheel so that the ball remained in the original slot.

They called Traynor, Johnson’s family friend, to pay a visit to the casino while placing multiple bets. When Traynor received the signal, he escalated the bet from 25 pounds to 100 pounds. This way he won and split the money with Walker and Johnson.

Supervising Traynor’s bets

In January this year, when two months had already gone in executing the scam, Richard Monroe, casino manager, became unsure about the gambling pattern of Traynor. He asked a staff member to oversee his game.

It appeared that Traynor was gambling minor amounts but was getting huge wins. When the records in the computer reported a payout of £2,100, Mr. Monroe decided to look through the CCTV footage.

According to Patrick Williamson, conducting the legal proceedings, said that all three men reported debt as being the motivation behind the scam. They were all arrested as they admitted their role in the scam.