‘The Squeeze’ About High Stakes Gambling

The Squeeze

Hollywood has always been fascinated by gambling, which is why you always get to watch at least one gambling-based movie every year. Taking the tradition forward this year is ‘The Squeeze’. The movie starring Jeremy Sumpter, Chris McDonald, Michael Nouri and Jillian Murray, is about skilled golfer who gets into golf gambling matches offering high stakes. Augie Baccas (Jeremy) is a small town guy who is good at golf and dreams of making it big in the US Open someday. He has a sportive girlfriend Natalie (Jillian) by his side, but things start changing with the entry of Riverboat (Chris), who is a professional gambler. Riverboat lures Augie into the world of golf gambling, distracting him from his aim of playing in the US Open.

A tough choice

Everything is going good for Augie, he is making good money and enjoying being with the powerful Riverboat, but soon finds himself getting deep into trouble. Towards the end, he has to make a decision wherein his life is in danger, as he is threatened by another dangerous gambler, Jimmy Diamonds (Michael) to lose a match, something that Riverboat does not want.

Online betting

The movie focuses on the issue of sports betting, which recently came into limelight with the NBA Commissioner, Adam Silver supporting it. Online sports gambling is currently not allowed in the US. Adam Silver commented on it that the nation is losing out on a considerable amount of revenue each year by not allowing it. Though sports betting is glamorised in movies, the reality is quite different. High stakes golf matches do attract high rollers, but they also bet sensibly, unlike what is depicted in the movies.