The Tools and the Vision


Roulette has long had the ability to deliver the ultimate in casino experiences through a variety of media platforms. However, many game providers are taking this experience to the next level by perfecting the art of delivering Live Dealer Roulette games. While many organizations have relied on technology developed for television broadcasting to deliver this kind of game experience in the past, cutting-edge game developers are fine-tuning the ability to provide Live Roulette for online game play. Visionary iGaming is leading the way in this endeavor. They have developed a flawless platform that is being utilized by Fairway Casino. This game delivers the most realistic, live Roulette experience available on the web.

Relying heavily on live, streaming video, players can actually interact with dealers as if they were actually there and making the wagers in person. This revolutionary development is possible without the aid of specialized equipment or costly software as well. Additionally, these games are not staged nor do they take place in an orchestrated studio. The dealers and games that are going out live come from actual, bustling casinos. This factor increases the excitement on top of reassuring players of the safety and legitimacy of every game that they enter into.

Each game also takes place under strict surveillance in the same way that every game is handled in a casino setting. The same rules apply, and the same courtesy and friendly service that you would expect in person remains true as well. The system is so good that it has been reviewed and unanimously approved by a number of third party organizations that includes the Sporting Emporium in Dublin. Fairway Casino is a live operation housed in Ireland that gives players the opportunity to get in on the action from the comfort of home from 6 p.m. to 6 in the morning each and every day. European players now have access to unparalleled gaming excitement during the peak hours of one of the most popular casinos in the region. Visionary iGaming has a long history of success as well when it comes to developing cutting-edge gaming platforms. This game represents yet another advance on a casino classic.